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Available For Research

BrainCapture provides low cost, mobile EEG recording equipment with AI assisted remote diagnostics

Mobile easy to use remote recording

Onsite AI artifact detection ensures high quality recording 

AI assisted cloud diagnostics

The next generation of the Smartphone Brain Scanner – a 28 channel device targeted for remote epilepsy research – is currently under development. Reach out for more information about availability.


30 million people with undiagnosed epilepsy in Low and Middle income countries
2 million annual new undiagnosed cases
70% can be treated with cheap medicine if we can provide a diagnosis

WHO Epilepsy Facts

WHO describing the Epilepsy Treatment Gap

Meet The Team

  • Michael Holbech

    Member of the board - Funding strategy

    Michael holds a masters in physics from Århus university and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, He has been as director of engineering at Cisco. Since 2013 he has focused on innovation and startup funding.

  • Paul Loomis

    Head of Business Development

    MBA. Extensive experience in business development, research, analysis, and strategy in Africa and the Middle East. Former regional MD of Emerging Market focused business intelligence firm The Business Year.

  • Tue Lehn-Schiøler


    Tue Lehn-Schiøler, Phd in Machine learning from DTU, Tue has more than 15 years experience in developing products and solutions based on AI and machine learning.

  • Per Bækgaard

    Hardware and usability

    Per Bækgaard PhD, is associate professor at DTU Compute focusing on usability. He is co-founder of BrainCapture. Per is a former Director for Nokia, with responsibility for the Chipset Unit, Sourcing and Procurement.

  • Lars Kai Hansen

    AI liaison

    Professor Lars Kai Hansen is Head of Section for Cognitive Systems, DTU Compute, Lars is a co-founder of BrainCapture and acts as a liaison between BrainCapture and the AI and cognitive science communities.

  • Jacob Klinge Jacobsen

    Chairman of the Board

    Clinical diagnostics and global business development

  • Farrah J. Mateen

    Global Health

    Farrah Mateen, MD is an Associate Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and a co-founder of BrainCapture. She is the Principal investigator of studies in Bhutan and Guinea using smartphone-based EEG.

Field Trials

The device was field tested in Guinea and Bhutan with more than 400 patients, none of these patients had ever received an EEG. For them, the EEG was a major step forward in terms of diagnostics and the ability to receive treatment.

Contact Us

Leave us a message and we will get back.

    Visit BrainCapture: 
    Futurebox, DTU
    Elektrovej 331, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

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