A Medical Technology Company bringing affordable EEG scans and interpretations to everyone

A low-cost, Bluetooth enabled electrode cap

An app for data collection and upload to cloud

A Quality Control (QC) algorithm to ensure clean data collection by non-experts

In High Income Countries:

Epilepsy is diagnosed with an electroencephalogram (EEG) machine, which are common. A neurologist interprets the results and makes a diagnosis. A seizure medication is prescribed, and most patients live seizure free.

(Low and Middle-Income countries):

EEG machines are expensive to buy ($15k min), difficult to operate, and are rare. Neurologists are rare (some nations just 1 per 5 million + people). Medicine is cheap and accessible, while Diagnosis is lacking

The world’s most common brain disease (WHO)
80% of people with epilepsy live in low and middle-income countries (LMICs)
Affects >50M people globally
>75% (30M) of these people do not receive treatment

An affordable, Bluetooth enabled amplifier and electrode cap

An app for data collection and upload to cloud

A Quality Control (QC) algorithm to enable clean data collection by non-expert workers

Telemedicine via app/cloud enables remote diagnosis by neurologist

A Diagnostic support algorithm reduces time to diagnosis

1- Low Cost of Acquisition – Point of care diagnostic
  • Increases availability of EEG diagnostics
  • Reduces cost of diagnosis, brings hardware to point of care
2- Reduces need for specialized staff
  • Health Care Professionals with short training can perform EEG data collection
  • Reduces staff costs through automation
3- Delivers access to experts and uses AI as a force-multiplier
  • Transfers and interprets data to remote neurologists, removing need for travel
  • Can diagnose more patients with the same amount of work

Private Clinics/Hospitals

  • Provide majority of care in LMICs
  • Mid- to Low end facilities do not have EEG
  • Can increase revenue from added diagnostic
  • Specialist revenue-sharing with hospitals

BC’s Solution / USP

  • Low cost of acquisition
  • Immediate revenues from scans
  • Portable and can be transported to remote locations
  • Scans can be downloaded in reader formats

KENYA / East Africa

  • High Epilepsy Burden / Strong Middle Class
  • Established regulations for startup/med-tech
  • Test market for expansion to E/W Africa

INDIA / South Asia

  • High Epilepsy Burden / Strong Middle Class
  • Excellent market potential
  • Government policies driving tech adoption
Diagnosing Epilepsy Leads to Healthy Lives
  • Neurological disorders are the leading cause of years lost to disability
  • Rates of epilepsy are substantially higher in LMICs due to parasites, injuries, and other issues
  • Epilepsy often affects children <10 years old
  • Without treatment their lives are disrupted by seizures


DTU Smartphone Brain Scanner (SBS) project under Lars Kai Hansen investigates brain imaging with EEG and AI techniques


Harvard Medical School researcher Farrah Mateen contacts DTU for SBS technology to apply to emerging market Epilepsy cases


Farrah Mateen tests basic technology to diagnose Epilepsy in Bhutan


Farrah Mateen tests new prototype to diagnose Epilepsy in Guinea


BrainCapture is founded in Denmark


Eurostars Award


Prototype tests at Filadelfia Epilepsy Hospital


BrainCapture awarded the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator

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